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Wurk Is Workforce Management Solution

Company allows employee pay using cannabis-friendly banks

Workforce management software company Wurk aims to solve the problem of scheduling, managing, certifying and paying cannabis-based business employees.

Keegan Peterson, founder and CEO, Wurk, said that he developed the software after a friend’s dispensary had been dropped by six different payroll companies because his business touched cannabis. “That led me to research the concept of a cannabis-based workforce software solution and creating Wurk.”

Keegan Peterson, founder & CEO, Wurk.

Peterson took his concept to business incubator Canopy and was accepted into the Boulder program. Three months later, Peterson graduated from the program, raised some funds and recruited his first batch of clients.

“We’re a workforce compliance platform built for the cannabis industry,” explained Peterson. “We help cannabis operators pay their employees, manage their employees from onboarding and certification tracking, we track employees time, and track all state compliance labor laws. When you think of an employee and their lifecycle, we provide all the tools you need to manage that employee.”

Wurk is currently being used in 25 states. “We keep on top of every state’s regulations and build the regulations into the system,” he said.

Wurk currently has 20 full-time employees and its main headquarters is located in Denver, Colo., with adjunct offices in Indianapolis and Portland. A Los Angeles branch will be opening soon.

The software is leased month-to-month and clients pay per-employee;  the cost per employee is based on a sliding scale based on size and how many modules of the software the client is accessing.

There are four modules: Payroll; HR; Time & Scheduling; and Applicant Tracking.

Wurk’s software is “a traditional workforce software solution, all cloud-based” and can be accessed via a computer, a mobile device and a new component will allow a client to track everything in the seed-to-sale system.

Wurk currently has over 150 clients, across the board from dispensaries to manufacturers to cultivators. “Most of our clients are integrated companies that have numerous components to their businesses,” said Peterson. “We also serve several companies that are ancillary to cannabis because it’s very difficult for them to get payroll processing because the payroll companies utilize the big national banks to process the payroll and the national banks can’t touch cannabis money.”

Wurk works with multiple state-chartered banks that will process cannabis-related payroll accounts. “We’ve created a transparent solution and we are the only payroll solution in the cannabis industry,” said Peterson. “It’s been difficult to come up with a solution for every state but we’ve managed it.”