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LeafOps Improves Receiving Inventory Tracking

New software focuses on cleaning up errors in receiving

Stephanie Yarbrough, founder, LeafOps, created the company’s cannabis dispensary software because so many of the software programs she saw consisted of “half-baked software.”

“What people want is something simple and error proof,” she said. “As we studied other systems, and spoke to dispensary operators, this is what we saw and heard: The current systems were complicated and rife with ways to make easy mistakes.”

Yarbrough said that “errors in receiving” were the number one issue that plagued many current software systems, something she and her team set out to fix. “Many software systems do not have very good inventory receiving programs integrated and that’s one of the main problems we set out to tackle when we built the software,” said Yarbrough.

Yarbrough’s co-founders are Shane Donaway, Cory Shaw and Drew Coffey. Other issues that LeafOp software will address are issues with systems going down and being hacked.

LeafOps has been in the pilot stage in three stores in Arizona for the last few months and will officially launch this month in several more Arizona stores. Orders have come in from Washington, New Mexico, Nevada and California. “We’re concentrating on Southwest markets as we get ready to go live,” she said.

“Check-in and check-out are easy and simplified on our platform,” she said. “When a batch is received, our system will break it down by price, something many of the other systems do not do.”

LeafOps also has built in several layers of administrative permissions. “You can set the level of what an employee can access and as the employees prove themselves you can modulate the permissions to a higher level,” she said.

There’s also an activity log that shows every piece of activity that has been done on the platform for a given period. “That makes sales easy to track,” she said. “Everything is cloud-based.”

The service is subscription based, starting at $399 a month, with the price determined by how many POS systems are accessing the platform and how many stores are using the system.

“The system integrates with Metric and Bio Track,” she explained. “What we offer is simplicity and a product that is user-friendly,” she said. “We can teach you how to run it in a few hours and you can teach your employees to run the basics in under an hour.”