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November 6, 2017
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Consumer Marketplace For Cannabis Takes Off

iheartjane.com provides no-cost digital marketplace for cannabis the industry

By Brad Weissberg/Nov. 6, 2017

Website iheartjane.com (JANE) is a digital marketplace for cannabis. Launched in 2016, the site has 120 dispensaries on its platform, thousands of consumers and operates in five states.

“I really saw a need in the cannabis industry for a consistent, patterned way to shop, similar to other online marketplaces,” said Socrates Rosenfeld, founder, Jane Technologies, the company behind JANE. “I didn’t see it available in the cannabis space. JANE allows consumers to connect to their medicine like never before.”

Socrates Rosenfeld, founder, Jane Technologies.

Rosenfeld’s mantra is “make it simple for the consumer” and every facet of the JANE experience is funneled through the concept. “We’ve learned the simpler you are for the consumer, backed up on sophisticated software on the back-end ­- the better.”

JANE integrates directly into any POS system a dispensary is using. “We do this in real-time,” explained Rosenfeld. “At no extra cost or work to the dispensary we create a turnkey digital storefront and connect every single product to the consumer in the area where that consumer lives.”

Every product that the consumer sees is actually available, said Rosenfeld. “As the consumer becomes more comfortable on the platform the customer is able to discover ancillary products,” he said.

Once the customer places an order and puts the order in their shopping cart they can schedule a time they will pick it up from the dispensary, where the order is ready for them when they arrive. The customer pays for the product at the dispensary.

“We make shopping for cannabis as convenient as picking up a gallon of milk,” he said. Customers can track the progress of their orders on the Jane app. Fulfillment software alerts the dispensary when an order has been placed.

“One of the great things about using the app is that there is no waiting,” said Rosenfeld, who highlighted that some dispensaries have created “Jane Lanes” which are dedicated express lanes in a dispensary.

Only after an order has been picked up can a review be placed. “This way other consumers know the reviewer is an actual user and experienced the service,” he said. “Every review you see on JANE comes from an actual customer.”

The platform is growing “50 percent, month-by-month,” said Rosenfeld. “We are onboarding new dispensaries almost everyday. The beauty of this service is there is no risk to the dispensary. There is no upfront fee; no monthly fee; no subscription; we get paid $1 dollar per order, and settle up with the dispensaries at the end of the month.”

“It’s a real partnership with the dispensaries,” he said. “We take that very seriously. When a dispensary gives us $1 dollar we show them exactly what that dollar brought them. It shows them their ROI immediately.”

A dispensary can be online with JANE is less than 24 hours. “We can onboard a store quickly,” said Rosenfeld. “We find out what POS have and use our database of pictures and product descriptions to fill the store. If a dispensary has photos, we can upload them. We can also embed the dispensaries’ site with the online store we’ve created.”

Any changes the dispensary makes to their menu after the initial integration seamlessly goes onto the digital storefront.

“We’re processing hundreds of orders a day,” said Rosenfeld. “That number is growing month over month. Our marketplace is becoming the best and fastest way for consumers to discover new products and dispensaries in their area and get product into their hands on their schedule.”