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November 19, 2017
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CBD Reviewers Ensure Quality Control

Goal is to assist compliance and safety.

By Brad Weissberg/Nov. 19, 2017

CBR Reviewers does not sell anything. Its mission is to independently rate and review CBD products.

“We aim to reduce harm,” said Tony Ottomanelli II, executive director and cofounder of CBD Reviewers. “Compliance and safety are crucial factors often overlooked by modern emerging industries. We hope to see this industry flourish as long as responsible business practices are employed.”

The site went live in August. Ottomanelli’s cofounder is Jim Murphy.

“There’s not a lot of regulation out there right now,” said Ottomanelli. “We take this seriously and our mission is to present accurate and helpful information to consumers seeking out CBD products.”

CBD Reviewers goal is to cover products that “we think can help people. If a product is dangerous in any way, we want to expose that. If it’s unlawful, we want to let people know. If it’s threatening to the industry as a whole we want to uncover that,” he said.

To be reviewed companies must manufacture a product that follows industrial standards. “The only thing that holds a new emerging industry together is compliance and communication. We give comprehensive, detailed and honest reviews,” he said.

Currently being reviewed are hemp-based CBD products; Ottomanelli plans to introduce cannabis-based CBD product reviews shortly.

“These reviews take a long time to investigate and write, we don’t cut corners,” he said. “We want CBD users to come to the site to find out if a CBD product is worth it.”

Testing is done through a series of scientific and patient-based tests. “We test to see if the product contains what it claims to contain and with a sample group of users. It’s important to note that CBD products do not work the same for everyone,” explained Ottomanelli. “It depends on an individual’s genetic makeup. Our reviews are meant to help people self-educate.”

Ottomanelli believes that the CBD industry is an immature market that needs discipline, education and regulation.

“The industry is filled with people who are only interested in getting in, making some money, and getting out,” he said. “They don’t care about the quality and moving the needle. We want to get those people out of the business so the real-believers in this product can move on.”

“The industry has to shake the tree and I hope it’s not through government intrusion, or regulator overreach, but rather through the good products winning the consumers rather than the bad ones.”

“That’s exactly what we are here for, to separate the wheat from the chaff,” he added.

Ottomanelli encourages any company that wants their product reviewed to contact the company through their website