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One-Touch Delivery With Budsy Button

Smart button activates local cannabis delivery


By Brad Weissberg/Oct. 31, 2017

Budsy is a cannabis delivery service app with an extra component: a smart button that when activated prompts a local dispensary to deliver 1/8 of cannabis flower.

Budsy cofounder Majyd Hassan.

Founders Majyd Hassan and Mohib Hassan started the company in June. “We wanted to simplify the ordering process,” said Majyd. “With our smart button and app all a customer has to do is hit the button and a delivery is started.”

The smart button is connected to a WiFi and GSM network and is zip code based.

The process starts with the Budsy app. Currently the app is available on the Budsy website. “A customer signs up and we start collecting data on what type of strain they like,” explained Mohib. “There will be different strains depending on the dispensaries in the area on the network.”

The dispensaries manage the delivery; Budsy is just the conduit between them. “We’re like an Amazon-like marketplace,” said Mohib. “Customers love choice but hate choosing. So we do the hard work for them by capturing their preferences and sending them what we they will like.”

Budsy’s business model will start with giving customers a four-pack sample of different strains so the customer can give feedback. “After the initial sample our five-point data point system will give us a good idea what the customer will want.”

Pricing will depend on the dispensary serving the delivery. Majyd expects the range to be from $30 on up and the delivery time to be 30 minutes. “We want to compete with the restaurant delivery services,” he said. “The more dispensaries we have signed up the faster the delivery.”

Budsy cofounder Mahib Hassan.

The cost of delivery is on the dispensaries. Budsy will tack on a $2-$5 dollar flat fee for the connection.

The smart button costs between $10-$20 to produce. Customers will have the option to buy the smart button for $25-$30 dollars. “The physical button will have a loyalty program attached to it,” said Majyd. “The rewards will be cannabis goods like a grinder, rolling papers, lighters and ashtrays.”

The company just finished their first round of seeding and have seen investments in “the early $100,000’s” come into the company. A new round of investment opportunity will be available in late November or early December.

The company also plans to have a podcast to drive more traffic to the service.