November 19, 2017

Walsh Sets The Tone At MBJ Biz 2017

Chris Walsh, VP, MBJ Daily, ran down the state of the cannabis industry in his keynote address at MBJ Biz Conference 2017.
December 2, 2017

LeafOps Improves Receiving Inventory Tracking

New software focuses on cleaning up errors in receiving. Going live this month, the company is focusing on Southwest markets.
December 2, 2017

Matchmaker 420 is Amazon-like Marketplace for Dispensaries

Matchmaker 420 is platform that aims to solve the vendor system volatility problem that plagues many dispensaries.
December 3, 2017

Wurk Is Workforce Management Solution

Workforce management software company Wurk aims to solve the problem of scheduling, managing, certifying and paying cannabis-based business employees.