Kannaway Moves Into European Markets

In global cannabis news, Medical Marijuana Inc. has announced their expansion of subsidiary Kannaway into the European market. The company will use European-sourced materials to create a distribution network throughout European Union member nations and non-member nations as well. According to the company, Kannaway is the first company to make hemp-based CBD wellness products available to the whole of the European market.

Smart Cannabis Partners With SinglePoint

Smart Cannabis has partnered with marijuana services provider SinglePoint to bring blockchain-based payment solutions to the cannabis market. Smart Cannabis is a public equity corporation focused on the advanced agriculture and cannabis industries. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Next Generation Farming, provides commercial Smart Greenhouse and automation systems that improve yields and decrease water consumption for cultivators of organic food and cannabis crops.

Metaron’s Bitweed Cryptocurrency Ready For Rollout

Metatron, a technology company specializing in the accelerated release of cannabis-related apps including Cannabis based, CBD, and Vaporized secure chat apps via iTunes and Google Play, is in the final stage of development of Bitweed, a cryptocurrency transaction and tracking app for Marijuana dispensaries and consumers with new partner Sanguine Biotech, who have developed a network of 20,000 patients, including 50-plus patient advocacy group non-profits, biobanks, patient portals and now distributes the Metatron developed Cannaboids app under its own iTunes account with Google Play soon to follow. The two companies plan to conduct a shared roll-out of mobile applications geared to solve issues in the cannabis payment space using Blockchain technology and Bitcoin options.


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